Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Progress on Bishop Coyner's goals

When Mike Coyner first came back to Indiana as Bishop Coyner he granted an interview with The Indianapolis Star. He shared some of his goals for the United Methodist Church:
"One is to work on a 'culture of call' for clergy. I think clergy get too discouraged at times. We need to help them realize we're called to ministry. A second goal is a tradition of tithing -- to remind people that we give out of a sense of gratitude to God instead of meeting a church budget. Third is mission momentum. So many churches have been on mission trips. We have to keep reaching beyond ourselves. The fourth one is recruiting new leaders to reach younger generations. We're short on younger clergy. Only about 6 percent of our active clergy in the southern district of the state are under the age of 40. And it's only about 8 percent in the northern district."

I believe the Bishop is working on reaching these goals.
What do you think?
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