Monday, July 23, 2007

My blogging hiatus... I know you missed me

Things are busy. I have never been as busy as I have been since the Senior Pastor at the church left in May for sabbatical. In fact, I told the part-time, retired visitation pastor and my SPRC chair that I am starting to feel a little burn. A couple weeks ago I had a meeting every night and a wedding rehearsal on Friday (Thank God I didn't have to officiate the wedding on Saturday), Of course, then I preached Sunday. Last week was VBS. We are planning a concert (Twila Paris on August 6) and that is taking up much time. As well, the Trustees are investigating the purchase of the building next to our new office. On top of all of that I am preaching more and the ~$700,000 project in the lower-level brings its own set of problems. We are also planning a celebration concert with Ken Medema in September for the Senior Pastor and his wife. I am also planning the All-church picnic as well as a young adult event each month for the young adults (and their kids) at the church. Further, I am trying to coordinate a young adult group to stay active and get some of our great ideas for the young adults in our Conference to become a reality.

I have been asked to be on the board of Kokomo Urban Outreach, teach a lay speaking class this Fall, and be on a Kairos Prison Ministry team. On top of that, I have e-mailed my DS and Bishop Coyner and asked to be part of the young adult team that will work with the Imagine Indiana implementation team. I have not made firm commitments to the former three and would give up one or two to make latter happen -- I feel that young adult input is important to the future of our conference.

Family stuff includes: My wife still working 2 nights a week (baby sitters for the children when we are both out); early July was my oldest daughter’s b-day; this past week was my youngest daughter’s b-day; family from out of town came the week in-between for their birthday party; My 9-year anniversary was mid-July and I am still trying to plan a night out for my wife and I. And of course, my wife is pregnant and I try to go with her to the OB appointments

So my life is CRAZY.

PS: I just finished Unbinding The Gospel, from the Bishop's Bundle. And this past weekend I read Confronting the Controversies by Adam Hamilton. Don't ask me how I find time to read. The Unbind the Gospel is great book.


Blogger Joann said...

Another baby? Congrats!!! I'm hearing busy but blessed!

4:53 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

That's it? That's all you are doing??? Slacker! OK, not really.

Bill (BB10)

9:14 PM  
Blogger B. Siefert said...

Dude. What happened to the summer lull? Usually about now is when a pastor will tell you all of the things he/she is doing to make it seem that he/she works twice as hard as you. Actually, you were missed. Still think the picture with the "Yup. I'm in there." is a classic.

9:47 AM  

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