Wednesday, October 01, 2008

pistol packing preacher

i]OK so maybe you have never watched one of teh Godstuff videos which I link to the Webboard, but I strongly encourage you to watch this one. This takes the cake.[/i]

This week we feature those amazing preachers of the light who can also shoot out your lights if'n ya get crossways with 'em! First off we've got Pastor Benny Hinn and his famous tirade about "blowing your head off with his Holy Ghost machine gun," then brother Bob Tilton demonstrates how to chop up the devil, the clergymen at White Dove Ministries shoot Santa, and last but certainly not least… Arnold Murray of The Shepherd's Chapel in Gravette Arkansas confronts an intruder in his studio by "using a 9MM on that boy!" Really.

[url=]Enjoy in Windows Media[/url]

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